Adobe CC 2019 & 2018 incompatibilities

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Having Trouble
Issue start: 
Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 8:00am
Estimated resolution time: 
Monday, December 31, 2018 - 7:00pm
Who is affected: 
Users running Adobe CC 2019, especially the programs InDesign and Premiere Pro and wanting to access the same work files on campus using Adobe CC 2018.
Affected in what way: 
Some files created in Adobe CC 2019 will not open with the previous versions of the applications in Adobe CC 2018. Particularly this has been found with InDesign and Premiere Pro, other program file formats in Adobe CC appear to open okay in testing. However, there is a possibility of content created with new features introduced in Adobe CC 2019 having issues in loading and/or editing.
Use Adobe CC 2018 if you need to open the files also on campus. If using a named user license and haved removed Adobe CC 2018 through installing Adobe CC 2019, one can reinstall Adobe CC 2018 and have both versions available. See Adobe support article: h​t​t​p​s​:​/​/​h​e​l​p​x​.​a​d​o​b​e​.​c​o​m​/​d​o​w​n​l​o​a​d​-​i​n​s​t​a​l​l​/​u​s​i​n​g​/​i​n​s​tall-previous-version.html
What happened: 
Adobe has not made available Adobe CC 2019 for device and serial based licensed machines (these licenses are what is currently installed in computer labs and most offices at HSU). It is unknown at this time when a serialized version of Adobe CC 2019 will be available from Adobe.