Windows Wireless Printing Instructions for Students

Once you've installed the appropriate driver, follow these instructions to print from your laptop. You must be on the campus wireless network to use this option; you can't use it to print from home.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you be physically near the printers when you print. Thousands of pages go through these printers each day, and if your document is left on the printer for more than a few minutes, it might accidentally be picked up by someone else. Refunds will not be granted if your document disappears.

Step 1: Print your document from the software you are using (File > Print). It's always a good idea to preview your document before you print so you know how many pages you will be charged for.

Step 2: Select a printer from the Print window and click Print. The location of the printer matches the name of the printer. If you're printing in the Library, be sure to choose a Lib101 printer. If you're printing in BSS, choose a BSS printer. You can print any available printer so, if you see a line of people waiting at a particular printer, you may want to print to one of the others.

Step 3: You may see a pop-up window telling you that the software is being updated. This happens once a day (the first time you print) and ensures the printer drivers get any necessary updates. 

Step 4: Enter your HSU User Name (e.g., abc123 - the same one you use for HSU email, Moodle, and to log into labs) and click Next.

Step 5: Enter your Password (the same one as you use for HSU email, Moodle, and to log into labs), and click Print.

Step 6: A window will appear showing the cost of your print job and your C-Card balance. To accept the charges, click OK.  To cancel your print job, click Cancel. This window will disappear after 20 seconds if you do nothing. If you didn't click OK, you will not be charged and your document will not print).

Your document will print on the printer you selected at Step 2.

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