System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

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System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
PeopleSoft Finance Going to be down 04-26-18 04-30-18 Anyone who uses PeopleSoft Finance (CFS) system. 04-25-18
Webserver: Working 04-24-18 04-24-18 Anyone trying to access "https" webpages on Update 11AM: New certificate has been installed and should no longer be showing an error. However, there is still some work being done in the background and we don't believe end users should encounter any additional problems, we are keeping this systat open until all the work is complete. 04-24-18
Phone Services Working 04-24-18 04-24-18 The problem affects some folks (maximum of 32 phones) on the south side of campus. 04-24-18
Banner Forms APEX Apps Working 04-22-18 04-22-18 Anyone trying to use Banner Forms in APEX or the Voyager archive data. 04-22-18
Phone Services Working 04-21-18 04-21-18 Anyone trying to make phone calls on campus 04-21-18
Pay-for-Print Working 02-01-18 04-17-18 Folks using Macintosh computers and trying to print documents might result in an error page being printed instead of the requested print job. This affects both Macintosh computers in labs on campus and personal Macintosh computers using Wireless pay for print. If you experience this problem, you can request a refund and if possible send a copy of the file (to help us troubleshoot) to Refund requests can be made here: 04-20-18
All Systems Maintenance Working 04-17-18 04-17-18 (UPDATE all systems should be now be available. Please contact us if any odd behavior is observed.) dev-adwk1 (dev its internal server) hsng-sec (student housing - We are being assisted by Erik M) hsu-darst (dev its internal server) hsu-files2 (file shares for cnrslogs and SFtestShare) hsu-kbroker01 (Kumo, will be spaced out with kbroker2 and no disruption of service should be noticed) hsu-kbroker02 (Kumo, will be spaced out with kbroker01 and no disruption of service should be noticed) its-deepfreeze (its internal management server for labs) its-ITCserver1 (its internal management server for ITC's) PSframeWrk (printing system) R25testApp (Resource 25 test server) tnsaxis (internal tns support server) vpaa-po-epn (emergency management server) 04-17-18
Wired Network Planned Change 04-18-18 04-18-18 Theatre arts devices connected to the switch in bdf-1 04-17-18
virtual student software Working 04-16-18 04-16-18 access from off campus 04-17-18
virtual student software Working 04-16-18 04-16-18 People attempting to connect to vLab from off-campus. Update: vLab connections from off-campus should now be working. 04-17-18