System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

An information hotline for Humboldt State University campus is available at 707 826-INFO (4636). Call this number for information about campus emergencies, building closures, and other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the University.

System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
All Systems Maintenance Working 04-17-18 04-17-18 (UPDATE all systems should be now be available. Please contact us if any odd behavior is observed.) dev-adwk1 (dev its internal server) hsng-sec (student housing - We are being assisted by Erik M) hsu-darst (dev its internal server) hsu-files2 (file shares for cnrslogs and SFtestShare) hsu-kbroker01 (Kumo, will be spaced out with kbroker2 and no disruption of service should be noticed) hsu-kbroker02 (Kumo, will be spaced out with kbroker01 and no disruption of service should be noticed) its-deepfreeze (its internal management server for labs) its-ITCserver1 (its internal management server for ITC's) PSframeWrk (printing system) R25testApp (Resource 25 test server) tnsaxis (internal tns support server) vpaa-po-epn (emergency management server) 04-17-18
Wired Network Planned Change 04-18-18 04-18-18 Theatre arts devices connected to the switch in bdf-1 04-17-18
Virtual Student Software Working 04-16-18 04-16-18 access from off campus 04-17-18
Virtual Student Software Working 04-16-18 04-16-18 People attempting to connect to vLab from off-campus. Update: vLab connections from off-campus should now be working. 04-17-18
myHumboldt Working 04-15-18 04-15-18 Users of various services- notably the portal and account settings. Update: All services have now been restored. 04-16-18
Apex Banner Application for Extended Ed Working 04-12-18 04-12-18 Extended Ed Users of SFAEECC page in Apex Banner App. UPDATE: System is working as expected. 04-12-18
All Systems Maintenance Planned Change 04-12-18 04-12-18 dev-addc01 dev-addc04 dev-addc05 dev-gig1 hypercentos Alpine cms-term1a cms-term5 cms-term6 cms-term8 04-12-18
All Systems Maintenance Going to be down 04-15-18 04-15-18 All users. 04-12-18
Nolij Going to be down 04-10-18 04-10-18 Nolij users 04-10-18
Systems effected: CAS, OBI and Account Settings Working 04-08-18 04-08-18 Anyone using services that require CAS authentication, we expect this to be a momentary outage. Anyone trying to use Account Settings and/or OBI will have a longer outage while the new certificate is installed and tested. **Update: 8:40 AM -this change is complete without any visible problems ** 04-08-18