System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

An information hotline for Humboldt State University campus is available at 707 826-INFO (4636). Call this number for information about campus emergencies, building closures, and other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the University.

System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
All Systems Maintenance Planned Change 04-12-18 04-12-18 dev-addc01 dev-addc04 dev-addc05 dev-gig1 hypercentos Alpine cms-term1a cms-term5 cms-term6 cms-term8 04-12-18
All Systems Maintenance Going to be down 04-15-18 04-15-18 All users. 04-12-18
Nolij Going to be down 04-10-18 04-10-18 Nolij users 04-10-18
Systems effected: CAS, OBI and Account Settings Working 04-08-18 04-08-18 Anyone using services that require CAS authentication, we expect this to be a momentary outage. Anyone trying to use Account Settings and/or OBI will have a longer outage while the new certificate is installed and tested. **Update: 8:40 AM -this change is complete without any visible problems ** 04-08-18
HR Center/PeopleSoft Human Resources Working 03-29-18 04-06-18 Update: New Trusted Sites have been added to Campus systems. Original: Anyone trying to access the new HR Center using the Internet Explorer web browser will get an error message and be unable to access HR Center. 04-06-18
Palo Alto Firewall Planned Change 04-04-18 04-04-18 This is a redundant system, there is no expected service interruption. 04-04-18
Faculty Center/Student Center/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Going to be down 04-04-18 04-04-18 *This maintenance event has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date. Anyone who uses Student Center, Faculty Center, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid or Admissions. 04-03-18
Faculty Center/Student Center/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Working 03-29-18 03-29-18 Update 10:46 AM: Issue should be resolved. You might need to clear your cache on your browser. If you continue to have problems, please contact the Help Desk. Update: Revised resolution time to 10:50 AM, we are still working on the problem. Original: Any student or applicant trying to access Student Center inside Campus Solutions. 03-29-18
License Server Working 03-28-18 03-28-18 Persons attempting to use ENVI/ENVI+IDL, Agisoft Photoscan Professional, AVID Media Composer, JAWS, and Make Music Finale 25. UPDATE: The ENVI Feature Extraction Module license has been activated. 03-28-18
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions AND PeopleSoft HR systems Going to be down 03-28-18 03-28-18 Anyone who uses Student Center, Faculty Center, Human Resources, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid or Admissions. 03-27-18