System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

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System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
student center/faculty center/peoplesoft hcm Working 03-22-18 03-25-18 *UPDATE: Student Center, Faculty Center, Human Resources, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid, Admissions and DARS are backup and working. The split/upgrade is complete. Any issues on Monday, please submit a Technology Help Desk ticket. Anyone who uses Student Center, Faculty Center, Human Resources, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid or Admissions. DARS will also be down. 03-25-18
Campus Internet Working 03-21-18 03-21-18 Anyone on campus accessing resources off campus and anyone off campus trying to authenticate or access on-campus resources. 03-21-18
25Live Working 03-19-18 03-19-18 Anyone trying to access the 25 Live system. 03-21-18
web site Working 03-14-18 03-14-18 Anyone attempting to use HSU websites hosted off campus: Update 5:45 PM: Hosting company reports all sites are back online and their engineers are monitoring the situation 03-14-18
License Server Working 03-12-18 03-12-18 Persons attempting to use ENVI/ENVI+IDL, Agisoft Photoscan Professional, AVID Media Composer, JAWS, and Make Music Finale 25. UPDATE: The ENVI/ENVI+IDL license server upgrade has been completed. 03-12-18
Campus Internet Working 03-03-18 03-03-18 Anyone trying to use HSUWireless. There appears to be an authentication issue. A network analyst is on site investigating now. **Update 1:26 PM ** HSUWireless and eduroam are both back online 03-03-18
Various websites Planned Change 02-28-18 02-28-18 Visitors to various 02-27-18
student center/faculty center/peoplesoft hcm Working 02-26-18 02-26-18 People trying to use the Faculty Center or Student Center websites from some computers. UPDATE2: Service has been restored. 02-26-18
License Server Working 02-26-18 02-26-18 Persons attempting to run Spartan '16, MATLAB in ERE labs, Sequencher, FME, and Blue Marble Global Mapper. UPDATE: Blue Marble Global Mapper's license server has been updated for version 19.1 02-26-18
Nolij Working 02-23-18 02-23-18 Anyone trying to use Nolij 02-23-18