System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

An information hotline for Humboldt State University campus is available at 707 826-INFO (4636). Call this number for information about campus emergencies, building closures, and other conditions that may affect the normal operation of the University.

System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
PeopleSoft Finance Working 08-24-18 08-26-18 CFS is now available. 08-26-18
HR Center/PeopleSoft Human Resources Going to be down 08-23-18 08-23-18 Anyone who uses Absence Management, Benefits, Workforce Administration, Time and Labor or Payroll. 08-22-18
HSUGuest Wireless network Working 08-20-18 08-20-18 Anyone trying to connect to the HSUGuest Wireless network (which includes users trying to get on eduroam as they need to first get on HSUGuest to the download the Secure WP2 installer). 08-21-18
virtual student software Going to be down 08-16-18 08-16-18 Persons attempting to log on to vLinux via the NoMachine client or vLinux/ERE-SSH via an SSH client. 08-16-18
Adobe Acrobat Update Working 08-13-18 08-17-18 Staff and Faculty using HSU Apple computers off-campus with Adobe Acrobat 08-15-18
Account Settings (Password Management) Working 08-14-18 08-14-18 Anyone wanting to set their password. UPDATE: Service is now fully available. 08-14-18
Single Sign-On Working 08-14-18 08-14-18 Users of SSO web services including, email, OBI, 25Live, TeamDynamix, Zoom 08-14-18
License Server Working 08-10-18 08-10-18 Persons attempting to run ENVI/ENVI+IDL before the license file has been updated and anyone attempting to run Agisoft Photoscan, Blue Marble Global Mapper, GPS Pathfinder Office, and FME while the license server is rebooted for testing purposes. UPDATE: The ENVI/ENVI+IDL license server has be successfully migrated. Please restart your computer if you are unable to launch ENVI/ENVI+IDL. 08-10-18
ITS Ticketing System Going to be down 08-10-18 08-10-18 Anyone attempting to use the KBOX user interface. 08-10-18
virtual student software Working 08-06-18 08-08-18 People attempting to use VLab. 08-08-18