System Status

Current and planned outages are listed below.

You can also check the full System Maintenance calendar for scheduled server outages.

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System Status Issue start Estimated resolution time Who is affected Updated datesort ascending
Voicemail System Working 10-19-17 10-19-17 Anybody using campus voicemail. 10-19-17
Microsoft Office 2010 Having Trouble 10-18-17 10-18-17 Anyone trying to the use the Microsoft Office 2010 software suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) 10-18-17
Computer Labs Working 10-17-17 10-17-17 Anyone trying to run the ArcGIS software. Update: This problem also affects the following Software: ArcGIS, Matlab in interdisciplinary labs, Minitab, or SPSS Update: The problem has been resolved. If you still have problems with these programs please call the help desk. 707.826.4357 10-17-17
Student Center/Faculty Center/PeopleSoft HCM Going to be down 10-18-17 10-18-17 Anyone who uses Student Center, Faculty Center, Human Resources, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid or Admissions. 10-17-17
License Server Working 10-16-17 10-17-17 Anyone using the Esri software ArcGIS software on campus. UPDATE: The license server has been updated and the warnings are no longer showing up. 10-17-17
Self Service application for Macs Working 10-15-17 10-15-17 Those with HSU managed Macintosh computers. 10-16-17
Apex applications Working 10-16-17 10-16-17 Anyone trying to use an Apex application on the Account Center system 10-16-17
All Systems Maintenance Working 10-15-17 10-15-17 All users 10-15-17
U: drive and Linux systems Working 10-03-17 10-08-17 Update #6 11:48AM 10-8-2017 A fix has been applied to folders. If you have issues accessing the U: drive, please reboot your workstation. If the problem persists, please contact the help desk immediately. Update #5 10:00AM 10-7-2017 A permanent fix for U drive issues will be implemented on Sunday 10-8-2017 at 10AM. During this time, U,G, and T drives will be unavailable. The server is expected to be available by 11AM tomorrow morning. A configuration change needs to be made on all linux workstations for them to be able to access the network share, and we expect these changes will be made by noon. Update #4. 8:50AM 10-5-2017 A process is running every 30 min which will fix intermittent U drive access problems. If you have a problem accessing your U drive or logging into Linux please report it to the Help Desk X4357 or email System administrators can fix the problem immediately when it is reported. A server update to permanently address the issue is planned for Sunday 10/8. Update #3 4:55pm 10-4-2017 Task process executes every half hour. Update #2. 3pm 10-4-2017. The root problem is still present. In our investigation, we have found that this problem arises and effects users at random. We have implemented an hourly task process that will fix the accounts that do have this problem. If you experience this issue, please contact the helpdesk immediately for resolution (707.826.4357 or We hope to apply a long-term fix this Sunday morning. Update #1. 5pm 10-3-2017: We are still investigating the root problem. We have an intermediate fix and testing for a permanent solution, but users might still run into problems. Please contact the Help Desk (707.826.4357 or if you have problems accessing your U: Drive or a Linux system. Original: People trying to connect to their U: drive and Linux systems. Also, folks using are having similar problems. 10-08-17
TutorTrac Working 10-05-17 10-05-17 Learning Center 10-05-17