OBI Dashboards

The following dashboards and reports are currently available in OBI myReports. If you need access to a dashboard listed here that is not currently available to you, please submit an access request form.


  • Chartfield and Vendors: List of all active vendors and chartfields
  • General Fund: Expense, income, budget, and encumbrance information for the CSU Operating Fund
  • User-Selected Funds: Enables users to select their own fund as well as business unit, division, MBU, chartfield, etc. for filtering
  • Financial Reports: Allows users to see their trial balance and trial balance by MBU
  • Purchase Order Analysis: Detailed information about selected purchase orders
  • ProCard: Detailed financial transaction about procurement card transactions
  • Associated Students: Expense, income, budget, and encumbrance information for the Associated Students
  • Monthly Management Reports: Monthly reports sent to executives and management to monitor operating fund revenue and expenses, lottery, MSF and campus partners
  • Department Reports: Reports that contain budget vs actual accounting for department by fund, account category or account
  • Management Reports: Budget vs actual accounting for fund groups.  Compares selected year to prior year performance
  • Resources Dashboard: Contains budget transfer report, accounts receivable billing detail
  • Year End Reserves: Year-end balance vs actuals comparison for specific CSU Funds


  • Accounting Revenue and Expense Analysis: Budgetary status informations for CSU Funds


  • Trial Balance: Trial balance by fund and quarterly trial balance reports for the HMADV business unit
  • Current Market Value: CMV Endowments and CMV Hydrogen reports for the HMADV business unit
  • Net Asset Classification: Accounting of actuals for net assets in various restriction categories
  • 509(a)(2) Schedule A Part III: Advancement foundation source and campus division II expenses
  • Scholarships: Transaction and Financial Aid information regarding scholarships

Sponsored Programs

  • HMSPF Budgetary Status Report: This report is a fund accounting for budget and actual for all non-trust fund types
  • HMSPF Budgetary Status Report (Cal Yr): Identical report as HMSPF Budgetary Status Report but adds ability to filter via calendar year as opposed to fiscal year
  • HMSPF 2009 Budgetary Status Report: This report is identical to the HMSPF Budgetary Status Report except that it is limited to the 2009-2010 fiscal year, when trusts were reported by program.
  • HMSPF Trust Trial Balance: This is a trial balance style report showing accounting information grouped by fund. It is filtered specifically to look at Funds T7000 through T7999.
  • HMSPF 2009 Program Trusts by Project: This report is identical to the HMSPF Trust Trial Balance Report except that it is limited to the 2009-2010 fiscal year, when trusts were reported by program.
  • HMSPF Payroll Budgetary Status Report: Information on regular salaries and wages for SPF payroll accounts
  • HMSPF Grant Attribute: Award, budget and actual information for grants and trusts
  • User Fund by Calendar Year: User fund summary information by a custom time range
  • HMSPF Transaction Detail: Details of revenue and expense

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Summary: Summary of human resources service use
  • Active Employees by Hire Date: Summary of active employees and their hire date
  • Annual Assessment (PREP): Departmental budget data where multiple departments share a single fund
  • Annual Assessment (PREP) by Program: Program budget data where multiple departments share a single program
  • VETS_4212_REPORT: Summary of Vet enrollment information for reporting purposes


  • Historical Academic Employee Reports: Reports for faculty with compensation and FTE, by MBU and department
  • Separation Reports for Academic Employees: Identifies ISA, coaches, and a custom group of job codes for lecturer, FERP, or TA/GA for employees that are expected to leave in the next 4 months
  • TF Contract Data Reports: Contract data for departments and colleges
  • Active Academic Employee History by Term: Academic FTE counts by term
  • Total Employment - All Active Jobs: Employment information such as union code and FLSA status

University Budget Office

  • Active Employees: Summary of HSU employees with active HSU job records

Instructor Workload

  • Instructor Workload: Summary of Instructor information including assigned times and S Factor


  • DARS Plan Overview: A statistical overview of plans and their statuses
  • DARS Course Planned Demand: A count of all courses found in active DARS plans
  • DARS Course Planned X also Planning Y: Summary of classes that are taken concurrently on students' plans
  • DARS Course Needed Demand: Summaries which cover demand for all courses, for all GE courses, by Major, and by Major GE
  • DARS Golden Four (G4): Summary information by student related to G4 requirement status
  • DARS GPA Report: Overall, cumulative or major GPA below 2.0 to identify students who might be on Academic Probation
  • DARS Graduation Reports: Summary of who has applied for graduation in the next 6-months but according to the DARS they are not complete
  • DARS Overview: An overview, from a DARS perspective, of all students in a particular degree program
  • DARS Requirements Needed: Summary of unmet student requirements by Degree Program, Student ID or Advisor
  • DARS Student Courses List: Summary of degree progress details by student

Student Finance

  • Student Fee Reconciliation: Budgetary status information for Student Fee Reconciliation
  • PeopleSoft Item Type: Outstanding balances by PeopleSoft item types
  • Housing: Summary of meal plan penalties
  • Collections Efforts: Summary of collection efforts
  • Student Finance Detail: Budgetary status information of Student Finance information

Advisor Resources

  • Upcoming Registration: Summary of student data for adviser information
  • Rosters: Summary of student data broken down for analytical purposes

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