Where Do I Store and Access My Files?

Starting in Fall 2018, HSU’s standard student storage service offering will be Google Drive, which will show up as the  G: drive in labs and smart classrooms. Google Drive provides fast, unlimited storage which is continuously backed up and is available from anywhere on any platform. It provides a more convenient and effective solution for student storage requirements than the local storage that has been used until now.

Data in the current student U: drives, with the exception of any website files stored in public_html, will not be available after 5/31/2018. Students will therefore need to back up any data they wish to keep from their U: drive to another location, such as Google Drive, before this date. Guidance on setting up and using Google Drive can be found on the Google website.

Staff and faculty will be asked to migrate their  U:, T: (faculty share for students), and G: (legacy group share) drive data during the Fall 2018 semester 

A note on backups

The most important reason to store your work on Google is so that it is continuously backed up; ITS does not back up data stored on your local desktop or laptop computer. We also don’t recommend using a USB drive as a primary storage device. USB drives can be used for backing up data but they are easy to lose and too likely to fail.

Your Storage Options

Depending on the kind of data you need to store, how and where you will use that data, and other factors, select the most appropriate storage approach for your work from the table below:


Cloud mapped network drive (Google G: drive in labs)

Departmental mapped network drive (eg T:, O: )

Group mapped network drive (L:)

USB drive

Personal mapped network drive (eg U:)

Best for:

Files you want to use anywhere, collaborate, with flexible storage options

When you need to share sensitive data with other people on campus

Local storage for instructional use when Google Drive will not meet your needs

Backing up files stored elsewhere

Non-shared files you only need on campus. Will not be available after Fall 2018

Self-service restore


Backed up


File size limit






Mapped drive

Self-service sharing

Accessible from off-campus


Unlimited storage

Files not modified by storage platform

Storage of Level 1 data permitted

For additional advice on backing up your information or to talk about storage options, contact the Technology Help Desk at x4357

Need Help?

 Self-Service Troubleshooting

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Walk in to Library 208

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After hours emergencies:
Call UPD at 826-5555

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