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The Cal Poly Humboldt CSUCCESS program is not currently available for the Fall 2022 semester.
The funding that supported this program is no longer available.

This page remains posted for reference purposes.

Providing free computing technology to Humboldt’s new first-year and transfer students 

CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success) is a bold initiative to enhance student achievement and create more equitable opportunities for the Cal Poly Humboldt (Humboldt) community by providing industry-leading technology to new students. 

Humboldt wants students to have the tools they need to succeed throughout their college careers. We are excited to offer all new first-year (undergraduate) and new transfer students a new iPad technology bundle to support your academic success. The iPad will be yours to use, for free, through completion of your degree. 

Humboldt will also be offering discounted cellular hotspots to incoming and transfer students.  More information about this part of the program is coming soon.

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Learn More About the CSU Initiative

Visit the CSU main CSUCCESS website at https://calstate.edu/CSUCCESS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Cal State and Humboldt offering this program?

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, students indicated a lack of access to a computer or mobile device as an obstacle in the way of their achievement. CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success) represents the CSU’s commitment to closing equity gaps and providing high-quality and reliable personal computing devices to support academic achievement.

During the pandemic, the CSU worked to address part of this challenge by investing more than $18 million to purchase more than 21,000 laptops and tablets and 10,000 mobile Wi-Fi hotspots for students, in addition to loaning out several millions of dollars' worth of existing equipment.

Ongoing challenges of the pandemic require campuses to continue to deliver some courses virtually, posing persistent barriers to student success. These tools will help eliminate barriers and improve student success and equitable graduation outcomes, which are among the CSU’s, and Humboldt’s, highest priorities.

Who is eligible to receive a new iPad?

All new first-year (undergraduate) and transfer students entering the CSU during the fall 2021 term at the participating campuses (Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Fresno, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, Northridge, San Marcos, Dominguez Hills, Fullerton, Long Beach, Pomona, San Bernardino and Sonoma) are eligible, but students must register for the program directly with their respective campuses. There are no income-based eligibility requirements. Students may self-identify their need by registering for the program with their campus.

How do students register to receive a device?

Eligible Humboldt students can fill an Adobe Sign form at https://hsu.link/CSUCCESSTerms. Then they'll be able to pick up their iPad bundle at the Library circulation desk.

What do students receive?

Students will receive:

Note: With a keyboard attachment and pencil, this technology bundle is comparable to a laptop.

When do students receive their devices?

Our goal is to have devices to students by the end of the first week of the Spring 2022 term. 

Who owns the device? Do students keep it after graduation?

Cal Poly Humboldt loans the device to students for the duration of their undergraduate education at Humboldt. Upon graduation, students will be asked to return their device. Devices are provided on a loaned basis so as not to impact students’ financial aid. 

Who helps students with set-up and IT questions?

The Technology Help Desk. Please contact the Help Desk at 707-826-HELP (4357) or help@humboldt.edu

Will students need to have Wi-Fi access to use the device? 

Students will need to connect to Wi-Fi to get on the internet, make calls, and send/receive emails on their iPads. The iPads are Wi-Fi only models and are not equipped with cellular data service.

Humboldt continues to expand outdoor and parking lot wireless access, and the CSU is exploring new partnership opportunities for student access in public spaces. The CSU continues to work with both public and private partners to support expansion of broadband access across the State of California.  

Humboldt will also be offering discounted cellular hotspots to all students.  More information about this part of the program is coming soon.

What happens if the device is damaged or lost?

Students are to contact the Technology Help Desk for support if equipment is damaged. If equipment is stolen, it is the student’s responsibility to report it to the police as well as contacting the Help Desk. In some cases, Humboldt ITS staff may be able to disable the device remotely, making it unusable until returned. Students should contact the Help Desk for information about replacing a damaged or lost device.

Does Humboldt track students’ usage on the device? What data will be collected? 

Humboldt will not be monitoring students’ day-to-day activities on the iPads. However, individual applications may be tracking activity or sharing information with other companies.  Each app has a privacy statement that explains how it collects and uses information. 

That said, Humboldt does monitor traffic on the Humboldt network in response to performance or investigatory needs.  Humboldt’s mobile device management system will have the ability to alert ITS staff if the student does something illegal or downloads an app not found in the official Apple App Store. 

Students should refer to the Humboldt “Responsible Use Policy” which can be found at https://hsu.link/rup.

What if students need to use assistive technology?

Many accessibility features are available on iPads to support vision, hearing, physical and motor, and learning needs. For additional support, students should contact the Technology Help Desk.

Why are only first-year and new transfer students eligible?

The program is focused on new students, who need more support as they begin their college careers, particularly in light of the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Future phases of CSUCCESS could include returning students. For now, returning students and graduate students can borrow other technology or keep existing equipment loans from last semester! Visit https://hsu.link/student-tech.

Why aren’t all CSU campuses participating?

Many campuses have existing device loan programs in place (library laptop loaners, for example) to serve as an alternative, or in concert with CSUCCESS, to ensure that students have the tools they need to succeed. The CSU has invited all campuses to participate and is actively seeking resources to fund additional phases to expand the initiative to more new and current students on more campuses

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