Using Humboldt's Virtual Private Network (GlobalProtect) on campus owned Windows Computers


GlobalProtect is CalPoly Humboldt's Virtual Private Network (VPN). GlobalProtect is required for faculty and staff to securely access digital resources on the campus network from off-campus.

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GlobalProtect For Campus Owned Windows Laptop Computers

GlobalProtect software is pre-installed on campus owned Windows laptop computers. It is necessary for ensuring Windows computers adhere to campus security standards.

Start GlobalProtect VPN Session

When you log in to a campus-owned Windows laptop computer you will be prompted to sign in to GlobalProtect. Sign in to GlobalProtect and accept the DUO prompt. You will have full access to the campus VPN. If you choose not to connect to GlobalProtect you can connect later.

The GlobalProtect application icon is in the lower right system tray.  This icon is grey when GlobalProtect is disconnected. Click the icon once to open GlobalProtect. (if the GlobalProtect  icon is blue then you are already connected)

Click Disconnect

 GP screenshot

Sign in to GlobalProtect and accept the DUO notification on your mobile device. Once you sign in and accept the DUO notification, every 10 days you will get a DUO prompt upon signing in to verify it is still you and refresh the VPN connection.  

 GP screenshot

 If you need assistance with GlobalProtect submit a Help Desk support request (ticket) or call the Help Desk at (707) 826-4357.




GlobalProtect For Campus Owned Mac Computers

To create your GlobalProtect VPN connection follow the three-step instructions below.

  • Step 1: Request GlobalProtect VPN & DUO Access
  • Step 2: Configure DUO Multi-factor Authentication
  • Step 3: Install GlobalProtect


Step 1: Request GlobalProtect VPN & DUO Access

 browser bar

  • Click Tools at the top of the page and then select Account Settings


  • Click Requests then Request Access tab


  • In Section 1 - Select a user select the checkbox Include Self 

 myhumboldt screenshot

  • In Section 2 - Select resources and permissions click the drop down arrow next to Find Roles By and click Search

 myhumboldt screenshot

  • Select the checkbox (AD/LDAP) GlobalProtect VPN & DUO

 myhumboldt screenshot

  • Click the Continue button and skip to Section 5

 myhumboldt screenshot

  • In Section 5 - Submit request click the Submit Request button

 myhumboldt screenshot

Global Protect will not work until the request has been approved. In most cases approval occurs within 15 minutes of the request submission.


Step 2: Configure DUO Multi-factor Authentication

DUO, CalPoly Humboldt’s multi-factor authentication tool, is used when connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN. Follow the link below to setup DUO on your mobile device:
Adding a Mobile Device to the CalPoly Humboldt Multi-factor Authentication System (DUO) Instructions


Step 3: Install GlobalProtect

  • Open Self Service. You can find this on your Mac's dock or in the Go menu under Applications.
  • Find and install GlobalProtect.

  • After installing GlobalProtect, find the GlobalProtect icon on the Mac menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Verify that the Portal address is
  • Select the Connect button.

Connect to GlobalProtect using

  • Type in your CalPoly Humboldt credentials and select the Connect button.

Enter CalPoly Humboldt computer credentials and connect

  • When you see the window below be prepared to receive and respond to a DUO challenge.

Be prepared to answer DUO challenge when connecting

  • Once you have responded to the DUO challenge you should see the window below.

GlobalProtect connected and secure digital resources now accessible

  • You should now be able to access protected digital resources from your off campus location.


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