Using Humboldt's Virtual Private Network (GlobalProtect) on campus owned Windows Computers

Cal Poly Humboldt's Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables faculty and staff to access information on the campus network from off-campus. Humboldt requires that staff and faculty wishing to connect in this way use only the campus-approved GlobalProtect software. GlobalProtect software comes pre-installed on campus owned Windows laptop computers and is necessary for ensuring Windows computers adhere to campus security standards.

For Mac owners or those wishing to use non-campus-owned computers to access the campus VPN, you will need to request access to Global Protect via Account Settings. This will also add you to Duo Multi-factor authentication. See our page on Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

Global Protect is pre-installed on campus owned Windows laptop computers and is necessary to adhere to campus security standards. If you need to Install or reinstall Global Protect you will find it in Software Center. This version of Global Protect will set up a Global Protect Always On connection which has two types of VPN connections. The first type, a “computer” level connection, allows your computer to receive security updates, policies and licensing information from Cal Poly Humboldt’s Windows management systems. The second level of VPN access requires you to sign in to Global Protect and will give you access to other campus resources, like file shares, websites only available from on campus, printers and other benefits of being connected to the campus network.

GlobalProtect - Start VPN Session

When you log into the computer you will be prompted to sign into Global Protect. You do not have to sign up for a Global Protect account like you would for a personal computer or Mac. If you choose to sign in and accept the DUO prompt, you will have full access to the campus VPN. If you do not choose to sign in, your computer will be connected to the Global Protect network in a limited capacity at the “computer” level connection.

If you cancel out of signing into Global Protect, and later realize you do indeed want to sign in to access campus resources, you will have to first Disconnect the “computer” level connection and then the sign in prompt will reappear.

The GlobalProtect application icon will be in the lower right system tray.  Click once to open. (it will probably be a blue color if its already connected)

 GP screenshot

Click Disconnect

 GP screenshot

Then sign in and accept the duo prompt. Once you sign-in and accept the DUO notification, every 10 days you will get a DUO prompt upon signing in to verify it is still you and refresh the VPN connection.  

 GP screenshot

If you need assistance connecting to the VPN, you can submit a Help Desk ticket or call the Help Desk at (707) 826-4357.

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