Moving to Google Sites

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Humboldt is standardizing personal websites on Google Sites, effective the beginning of the Spring semester. That means all existing student, staff, and faculty personal websites must be moved by January 19, 2019. Humboldt recommends that Faculty with an online course on their personal Humboldt website move the course to Canvas, so students have a single consistent source for online interactive learning that’s supported across campus.

The following resources are provided to help you move your site.

Google Sites workshops

Google Sites resources

Note that there are currently some issues with using Safari to set up your new site on Google Sites, so ITS recommends using a different browser or checking for the latest compatibility information.

Need help moving your class to Canvas?

Need help moving your site?

Other free hosting platforms

Note that Humboldt only provides support for Google Sites; support is not provided for the third-party hosting platforms described in the document linked below