HSU Portal


The purpose of our campus portal will be to:

  • improve communication across the University community
  • make it easier for members of the University community to find the information they need when they need it
  • provide information in a way that enables students, staff and faculty to accomplish common tasks themselves

The first evolution will focus on the needs of admitted/enrolled students by offering them a central location from which to:

  • obtain general information
  • customize their communications according to their interests and needs
  • provide access to commonly-used applications such as Student Center and Moodle through single sign-on
  • make it easy to locate other campus services such as Career and Advising Center services

In the first evolution, the entire campus community (students, staff and faculty) will also benefit from single sign-on access to core applications: 

  • GMail and other Google Applications
  • PeopleSoft HCM (including Student Center & Faculty Center)
  • PeopleSoft Finance CFS
  • Moodle
  • EZProxy (Library articles & databases)
  • STARS (scholarship application management)
  • DARS self-service (degree requirements and achievements audits)
  • CSU Portal

Over future evolutions, this campus community single sign-on will be expanded to provide access to a wide range of information and services such as benefit change notifications, campus calendars, and work requests. 

Project Status


Start and End Dates

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 to Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go Live Date

Monday, July 9, 2012

Status Update

10/19/12: Final documentation has been completed, and the project is now closed. 

9/25/12: Outstanding technical documentation is still being finalized. The project end date has been extended to allow time to work with CSUN to close these final items. 

8/29/12: Start of semester portal news of the portal has been disseminated and "myAnnouncements" communications to students about activities and upcoming deadlines are being posted to the portal. The "After Action" review with the technical team is complete. One technical procedure document remains outstanding; all high-impact procedures will be reviewed by the Enterprise Change Control Committee this week, after which the project will be closed.  

7/18/12: Documentation of technical procedures is nearing completion. Work is underway to start publishing "myAnnouncements" communications to students via the portal in August. Planning of activities and communications targeted at students returning is on schedule. 

7/9/12: myHumboldt is LIVE!  More information and FAQ's available at /its/services/myhumboldt!

6/25/12: Testing of all portal functionality is complete; single sign-on functionality testing continues, with a few outstanding issues to be resolved. Recommended timeouts for the single sign-on system were approved by the Data Managers committee on 6/12/12. Demonstrations have been given to various audiences, and open demonstrations are scheduled for 6/29/12 and 7/6/12. Functionality is being moved into production, where a final round of pre-production tests will be conducted over the next two weeks. Communications to the campus are well underway, with "coming soon" announcements to be added to each portal-connected application this week. Move-to-production plans are in progress and all is on schedule for a 7/9/12 go-live. 

5/21/12: Initial testing of all portal pages is complete except for MyAnnouncements and single sign-on, both of which will begin testing this week. Testing will continue next week with a wider audience. The production environments for both single sign-on and the portal are scheduled for delivery this week. Communications have been designed and will be posted on the login page for each single sign-on application shortly before the portal go-live. Documentation supporting recommended single sign-on inactivity timeouts is under review. The project remains on schedule for delivery by 6/1/12 and go-live 7/9/12.

4/23/12: Portal pages are now being tested, and adaptation of the CSUN alerts & communications services to include expanded functionality over the CSUN implementation has begun. The last of the single sign-on applications, PeopleSoft HCM (including Student Center, Faculty Center and DARS Self-Service) has been successfully connected to the development single sign-on system. Load testing criteria are currently under review.

4/4/12: To accommodate remaining transfer student HOOP registrations, Peg has approved a further extension. The new portal go-live date is 7/9/12. 

4/2/12: The go-live date for the portal has been changed from 6/1/12 to 7/2/12 - see Peg Blake's announcement. 

3/29/12:  Portal design mock-ups have been posted! Check them out in the Project Documents section to see examples of the functionality and information that will be available in Evolution 1.

3/26/12: Supplementary portal design documents are complete and the majority of the pages required have been built.  Draft 1 of a communications matrix to identify the different topics, audiences and delivery methods to be distributed through the portal is nearing completion. Moodle has been connected to the test single sign-on system; PeopleSoft connection is in progress. The first set of CSUN functionality has been received and is being evaluated in our development environment.  Design and sizing of the production portal has been completed and is being used in the creation of the staging environment currently being built and will be used for testing prior to production.   

2/28/12: Portal design has received sign-off from the Executive Sponsor and the build has begun, despite some minor issues with the development environment. Supplementary design documents covering links in the portal pages and the schedule and topics for informational communications are in progress. PeopleSoft and Moodle are currently being connected to the single sign-on system. Work sessions with CSUN and the HSU technical team will continue as CSUN begins to deliver the functionality we will use in Evolution 1. Design and sizing for the production version of the portal are in progress. 

1/12/12: Content design is underway and on target for first draft completion by 1/31/12. The Steering Committee approved the name "My Humboldt" at their January meeting. The technical teams completed the weekly scheduled worksessions and will start familiarizing themselves with the 9.1 technology in the demonstration environment. Development continues for the single sign-on environment, plans are underway for PeopleSoft integration, and testing of initial connection to Gmail is complete. 

12/19/11: Functional content and communications details have been received from the majority of the Evolution 1 departments. This infomation will be assembled into draft design documents for review in January with the Functional Leads, Steering Committee, and Technical teams. HSU has received the PeopleSoft Portal 9.1 "system" demonstration environment from CSUN and is in the process of applying it to the designated technical environment. Weekly technical work sessions between CSUN and HSU have begun. 

11/23/11: The partnership agreement with CSUN has been completed, providing us with support for the technical environment and the use of the myNorthridge portal design. The Technical team kick-off was held 11/7 with all technical leads from HSU and CSUN, and work sessions are being scheduled for December for the programming team to begin learning about the CSUN portal. The Functional team kickoff was held on 11/14 with all Evolution 1 department leads and included a presentation from CSUN discussing their portal design and implementation. We have received a guest login to CSUN's portal for use by members of the project team, and work continues on the design and construction of the technology to support single sign-on in combination with the portal.

10/21/11: Project kick-off meeting held, including outline of Evolution 1 high-level project scope requirements, functional design, identification of content creation departments, timeline, and demonstrations of Southern Oregon University, CSUN and CalPoly SLO campus portals; the meeting PowerPoint presentation has been posted and is accessible in the Project Documents section of this page. Identification of functional team leads is in progress, as is the development of the CAS single sign-on test environment is making progress. Portal partnership discussions with CSUN are nearing completion.

9/26/11: Discussions are progressing with CSUN for a portal design and technology support partnership. Project timeline and task list is in development, with tasks related to single sign-on planned to begin in early October. A portal kick-off meeting is being planned for October for administrative users campus-wide who will need to contribute to the content creation for the student pages to be included in version 1.0. 

8/31/11: The review team has completed an evaluation of other campus portals (Cal Poly, CSUN, CSUMB). Discussions are underway with CSUN about partnership opportunities for the technology and portal design. Planning is underway to implement single sign-on functionality, which can be built while the portal design is still in progress. Portal content scope and design discussions are in the early stages.

Requesting Department

Student Affairs-VP Office

Primary Customer(s)



Peg Blake, VP Student Affairs - Steering Committee
Anna Kircher, CIO - Steering Committee
Frank Whitlatch, VP University Advancement - Steering Committee
Jena' Burges, Vice Provost - Steering Committee
Josh Callahan, CITSS Director - Steering Committee
Melinda Haynes Swank, Project Manager - Steering Committtee
Teresa Grenot, Library Dean - Steering Committee
Anne Paulet, Assoc Professor History - Steering Committee
System Administrators: Alex Hampel, Tom Mendenhall
Admissions: Steve Ladwig
Advising: Dana Deason
CAHSS: Scott Paynton
CNRS: Mary Hackett
CPS: Pat Comella
Financial Aid: Peggy Metzger
Graduate Students: Terri Fisher
Housing: Holly Freitas
Learning Support Services: Su Karl & Cai Stuart-Maver
Library Services: Wayne Perryman
Marketing & Communications: Kristen Gould & Matt Hodgson
Registrar's Office: Grace Dempsey & Clint Rebik
SDRC: Cassandra Tex
Student Financial Services: Sandy Wieckowski & Glenda Rotherham
Admissions & Records IT Specialist: Dale Sanford
Programmers: Gary Noar, Jesse Clark, Ken Thrift
Enterprise Data Mgmt: Peter Johnson, Melissa Bitner
Desktop IT: Breck Robinson
Functional Team Lead: Sara Kathleen Henry