SAML - SSO Request Form

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Welcome to the ITS Single Sign-On (SSO) Request Form.  This request form is designed to gather the required information from your vendor/service provider (SP) so we can fulfill your request.  Answering all of the questions will ensure a positive experience and allow our SSO hosting partner to complete the work without delay.  Please contact your SP to gather the required information prior to filling out this form. We would be happy to sit down with you and walk you through the process after information is back from the vendor.

Questions may be printed from here if your SP is not available for a conference call. Unfortunately, we cannot accept several pages of documentation from an SP for the requested information. This would result in an inflated charge to the university.

SAML SSO integrations typically take 2 weeks after all of the information has been submitted.  If the SP is not part of the InCommon Federation, the request could take longer. Some SP's do not conform to commonly accepted SAML standards.  If this is the case, we may not be able to provide the integration.