Spring 2018 Project Prioritization Results

The results of the Spring 2018 Project Prioritization cycle are in!

To learn how your project(s) fared, click the name(s) in the list below to go to the portfolio page with the detailed results, status updates, and individual project scores; the overall project scores can be viewed in this graph.

Alertus Emergency Notification Software - Approved for implementation

Appeals and Petitions for Reinstatement Processing - Approved for implementation

Automated Workflow Design for IT Purchasing Phase II - Approved for implementation

Automating Transfer Admissions & Credit Evaluations with DARS - Approved for implementation

Block Enrollment Based on Major and Math Category - Approved for implementation with scope change

Campus-wide Event Application & Management System - Not approved due to resource limitations

Consolidating Student Health Information - Approved for implementation

Critical Upgrade to UPD Computer Systems - Approved for implementation

Dual-Factor Authentication - Approved for implementation

Enterprise Academic Scheduling & Planning Systems & Practices - Approved for implementation with time limits

Forms Automation - Approved for implementation with scope change

Improve Finance Delegation of Authority - Not approved due to resource limitations

Improving Remote Access to Campus Services - Approved for implementation

Investigate Chatbot Options for Enrollment Management & Student Communication - Withdrawn by requestor

Preferred Gender Pronouns - Completed as a work request

Radius Rollout to Financial Aid & Registrar's Office - Approved for implementation with conditions

Student Digital Literacy Tools - Approved for implementation with scope changes

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