Software for Home Use

Humboldt makes a number of software applications available to members of the university community at low or no cost.

Academic Software

Humboldt students, faculty, and staff can download academic software for home use as part of the university's license agreements for those applications. You can see a list of software available for your personally-owned computer by logging into Humboldt's Home/Personal Use Software Downloads page.

Other Software

Additional free and discounted software for home use is available through our third-party software distributor, Kivuto OnTheHub. Your role at Humboldt (student, faculty, staff, STEM) determines which products you are eligible to download and the price you'll pay. To see what’s available to you, log into Kivuto OnTheHub with your Humboldt username and password, and browse the site.  Download step-by-step Kivuto OnTheHub ordering instructions here