Project Portfolio

SummaryProject UpdatePercent CompleteProject Health

Advising Tool Selection & Implementation


  • Work continues on additional advising workflows
  • We are preparing to incorporate changes in student states that result from Slate work being done with Admissions.
  • We are working to identify where current forms can be converted to digital service requests vs. requiring signatory approval.
70% Possibly Behind

CCTV and Emergency Announcement Refresh


Resource availability is delaying the final installation of CCTV cameras at the Children’s Center, but the team is working on the timeline. April should provide some relief and the cameras will be installed as soon as resources become available.
On Time

Data Warehouse Unification and Modernization - Transition to CFS


We are working to identify the campus data owner (finance) and build a sponsor coalition that drives user acceptance testing and transition efforts. We are reviewing our relationships with non-stateside data users to inform our approach for these users.
20% Behind

Establish a Regional Security Operations Center


The MISP/ELASTIC monitoring is working well and next steps are to compete pulling data log sources from the last few services, before shutting off the old LogRhythm service. We expect to shut off the old service in about four weeks, so this project will close by the end of April.
On Time

Nolij to Content Migration


  • There have been some slight delays on the project
  • Conversion completion date is looking more like May 31
  • Budget has funds available to complete by that date
95% Behind

Nolij to Content Migration: Admissions


  • Validation of the conversion of “oldest docs” is scheduled to start Tuesday 4/2
  • Next step is to determine parameters of the delta conversion
65% Behind

Science Network


  • We recently installed Perf Sonar and are preparing to do network testing.
  • We are working on resolving some configuration issues.
  • We have DMZ and quarantine networks.
  • We are evaluating the potential use of a portion of the NRP space for instruction.
  • This project is expected to be completed by mid-April.
95% Behind

Self-Service Hourly Timesheet Entry


The project team is ready for GO LIVE for Intermittent Hourly timecard and absence entry. Payroll is in the final stages of updating their website with additional space for Intermittent Hourly information with Training Videos produced from HR staff. The team is holding the last “GO LIVE Final Huddle” with end users today and has scheduled HELP sessions during the first Intermittent Hourly pay period throughout the month of April. The commendable work by Payroll staff during previous releases of Summer Bridge and Hourly Time Entry last year seemed to have earned a lot of trust with campus departments and staff. As a result, we expect a smooth transition during the month of April and following mnths.
On Time

Transforming Cal Poly’s Computer Budgeting/Purchasing/Refresh Sys


  • Work continues with IRAR to design our single report that pulls together the data needed for budget and deployment planning.
  • We have identified the tools needed to implement customer service, staging, and deployment phases of refresh.
  • We know what tools need to be obtained or expanded.
45% Behind

Using Delivered PeopleSoft Features to Plan the Class Schedule


  • Unsure of how to move this project forward. It appears that the information that SPA was not used by many was misleading. It is in use by CAHSS and CPS and integral part of their planning.
  • Additionally, while many of the transactional reports used in SPA could be derived from PeopleSoft tables, there is no known way to create a placeholder resource in PeopleSoft and this is a critical piece of planning.
10% Behind