Data Management & Security

The campus data management policy defines who can authorize access to different sets of information.  Since the organization of the campus changes frequently, the list of who is responsible for managing and granting access to the sets of data is maintained separately and can be accessed here.

The Data Owners List contains the current matrix of record types, data managers, and access grantors for protected information stored on campus systems. In line with the current draft Data Management policy (available on request), this document will be updated as and when assigned roles change.

Questions about the Data Owners List and the Data Management policy should be addressed to

Special Requirements for Accessing Level 1 Data

The law requires that HSU and its employees, consultants, and independent contractors maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of all personally identifiable information (PII) stored and/or used by anyone associated with the University. We use two tools to comply with these requirements:

  1. Spirion is installed on every office computer and can help you identify and locate Level 1 data on your system. Spirion must be run at least once a year.
  2. All users with access to Level 1 data are now required to use dual-factor authentication. The CSU provides a license to DUO to enable us to implement this. Below are some helpful tips for working with DUO:
    • Make sure you have more than one second factor set up, like your desk phone, in case your main second factor fails
    • If you have a smart phone set up as your second factor and are upgrading your phone, use DUO Restore to update your settings
    • Click "Remember me for 12 hours" if you're going to be working for a while. Note that, if you've changed your DUO settings to "Automatically send this device a Duo Push", you may not be able to access this setting. If you reset your When I log in setting to "Ask me to choose an authentication method", you'll be able to access it again.
    • Add as many devices as you need and edit them as you need


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