Virtual Labs

HSU's virtual lab environment, VLab, allows students and faculty to access university software remotely using a web browser. Currently, VLab can only be used with Windows-based software, except for ERE majors (see note below). Hard copy printing is not currently supported, but you can create PDFs that can be printed out in hard copy form at any  pay-for-print station on campus. 

Not all lab software can be accessed through the VLab at this time; however, the list of titles is evolving so, if what you’re looking for is not available now, this may change in the future. Faculty may request additional software be installed in the VLab by using the software request form.

Check out VLab to see what’s available today.

If you lose your connection to VLab during a session, just log out and log back in to get reconnected. Be sure to save your work frequently to your K: (Google) drive; files saved to the desktop will be cleared out frequently.

A note for ERE majors

ERE majors have access to Virtual Linux (VLinux), a graphical Linux desktop server that replicates the experience of openSUSE in the dualboot ERE labs. To download the VLinux client, click on this link and scroll down the page until you see the NoMachine Enterprise Client that corresponds to your computer’s operating system. More detailed installation instructions can be found in this PDF.


Contact the HSU Technology Help Desk.