Virtual Labs

HSU’s VLab, or Virtual Lab, allows students and faculty to access university software from any Windows or Macintosh computer with an internet connection. With VLab, software is installed on a server instead of a computer's local hard drive and accessed via a web browser.

Not all lab software can be accessed through the VLab; however, the list of titles is evolving, so if what you’re looking for is not available now, this may change in the future. Faculty may request additional software be installed in the VLab by using the software request form.

VLab works best when accessed using the latest Windows or Macintosh operating system; older operating systems may not work correctly. When you print from VLab, a PDF is created that you can then print out in hard copy form at any pay-for-print station on campus. You cannot currently print a hard copy document directly from VLab.

If you lose your connection to the VLab during a session, just log out and log back in to get back on track. Note, though, that there is no auto-save capability in VLab, so be sure to save your work frequently to your K: (Google) drive.

Check out VLab to see what’s available.

Questions? Contact the HSU help desk.