Student Printing

HSU offers Pay for Print access at 60 printers across campus, both wired (in computer labs), and wireless; note that color printing is not available at all locations. When you print from the VLab, a PDF file is created that you can then print as hard copy at any pay-for-print location.

A note on wireless printing

To use any printer that has a sign stating wireless access is available, you will need to download the appropriate driver before using that printer.


For standard paper sizes:

  • Black-and-white: $0.04/side
  • Color: $0.25/side

Non-standard sizes vary in cost, so check what's required with your instructor

Printing costs are charged to your c-card, so make sure you have enough money on your c-card to complete the job before you start printing!


If you encounter a problem with a print job, you can check to see if you're eligible for a refund.