Student Printing & Open Labs

Printing is available in the following places:

Print Kiosks (print wirelessly):

  • JGC (Housing Lobby, 3rd Floor)
  • Student Activities Center (South Lounge)
  • Siemens Hall (Entryway Outside of 130C)
  • Founders Hall (Northwest 1st Floor Stairwell)
  • Recreation & Wellness Center (Wellness Center Lobby)
  • Behavioral & Social Sciences (Lobby, Room 316, Floor 4 Student seating area in center of building)
  • KA (Lobby)
  • FOR (Hallway by vending machines)
  • NR (Student Lounge)
  • SciA (3rd Floor Breezeway)
  • GH (2nd Floor by Vending Machines)
  • HGH (North Main Entrance)

Student Print Kiosk Map (PDF)

To upload a file to print (any device, including Chromebooks):

We recommend you be physically near the printer you select to reduce the risk that your document accidentally gets picked up by someone else.

  • Go to: and log in (not accessible off campus)
  • Upload your file (pdf,doc,etc)
  • Pick a printer
  • Select the file to print
  • Click on the print button
  • Confirm the amount (will be deducted from your c-card balance)
  • Click Ok
  • Get your document off the printer 

To print directly (Windows/Mac laptops):

Download drivers and see step-by-step instructions.


For standard paper sizes:

  • Black-and-white: $0.04/side
  • Color: $0.25/side

Non-standard sizes vary in cost, so check what's required with your instructor

Printing costs are charged to your c-card, so make sure you have enough money on your c-card to complete the job before you start printing!


If you encounter a problem with a print job, you can check to see if you're eligible for a refund.