Virtual Labs

Humboldt has two virtual lab environments; vLab and vLinux.

VLab and VLinux


To get the best experience, we recommend using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Windows Virtual Desktop option to connect. You can find more platform-specific information in the vLab Quick Start Guide. vLab provides students, staff, and faculty access to a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environment with a large number of software applications installed in the on-campus labs. This service gives anyone with an active Humboldt account the ability to run Windows lab software applications from their desktop, laptop, or handheld mobile device on or off-campus via a web browser by navigating to

Taking Care of Your Data

User profile data added to the vLab virtual environment are temporary.

    • Your desktop and user profile data are erased after two weeks of inactivity (not logging on to vLab).
    • Save your work often to Google Drive.

Automatic Log-off

The vLab virtual environment will automatically disconnect you after 30 minutes of inactivity (no keyboard or mouse movement).

After an additional 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged off and may lose any unsaved work. 


A limited number of pay-for-print printers are supported in vLab and you can also create PDFs that can be printed out at any pay-for-print printer on campus.

vLinux (Starting Fall 2022, Global Protect is required to access vLinux from off-campus)

Students and faculty also have access to Virtual Linux (vLinux); a graphical Linux remote desktop server that replicates the experience of Linux computer labs. Like vLab, vLinux can also be accessed via a web browser by navigating to

Links and Guides

IMPORTANT: If you lose your connection to vLab during a session, just log back in to get reconnected. Be sure to save your work frequently to your Google drive; files saved to the desktop will be cleared out frequently.