Student Printing Refunds

Refunds are granted in the form of Pay-for-Print credits. Before submitting a refund request, please log into c-card and check your balance to see if you were actually charged for the print job.

  • You are responsible for verifying your print jobs and the printer to which they are being sent before you accept the charges. Refunds will only be provided for legitimate reasons.
  • Refunds must be requested within 24 hours of the problem.
  • Refunds will be granted (in the form of Pay-for-Print credits) within two weeks.

You can get a refund for these reasons:

  • Toner smears or streaks.
  • Low toner or too much toner (unacceptable print quality).
  • Jammed paper.
  • Other printer-related defects.

You cannot get a refund for these reasons:

  • Printing the wrong materials (Use Print Preview to ensure that you are printing the correct materials.)
  • Printing multiple copies of the wrong materials (You should preview what you are printing before printing a copy. Do not continue printing when you can see it is not the correct material.)
  • Printing to the wrong printer (You should carefully verify the printer you are selecting.)
  • Your document was picked up by someone else (Print to a printer near you, and retrieve jobs promptly.)

To request your refund, complete the refund request form. You’ll need to log in with your Humboldt User Name and Password.