Project Proposal Submission and Prioritization

Submitting an ITS Project Proposal

To create a new project proposal, you need to complete a Project Request Form. If you need assistance, check out the instructions or give the ITS Project Office a call. 

Enter the project management system here if you’re returning to continue working on a proposal that’s already been started, or to check the status of a request that’s been submitted.

If you are looking for advice on how to acquire the most appropriate software for your needs, please refer to the ITS Software Acquisition Guide.

The Project Prioritization Process

Once a year, the ITS Project Office issues a call for project proposals to the campus. All proposals submitted go through the ITS project prioritization process, which is the framework we use to select the projects that best support HSU's Strategic Plan and current priorities, as well as provide the greatest value to the campus.

Proposals are scored by the Project Prioritization Steering Committee using a scoring rubric designed specifically for this purpose. Based on those results and the availability of ITS staff resources, we prepare a proposed project schedule for the committee to include with their recommendations to the President’s Administrative Team.  Bear in mind that a high-scoring project may not be able to start immediately if funds or resources are not immediately available; conversely, a lower-scoring project may be able to start immediately because the necessary funds and/or resources are available.

The President's Administrative Team makes the final decision as to which projects will move forward, which need further work, and which will not be acted on at this time.

Beginning in Fall 2019, ITS will be following the timeline established for the Integrated Assessment, Planning & Budgeting (IAPB) Process.  While the Fall 2019 process will continue to largely use the same steps as the previous three-month prioritization cycle, moving to the full academic year IAPB planning period provides another opportunity for the campus to become familiar with this level of advance planning and scheduling.  The extended timeline means that results of the Fall 2019 cycle will be announced before the end of the academic year, instead of the end of the Fall semester, and approved projects will start in July 2020 instead of January.  As in the past, all scheduled project start times are subject to resource availability. 

The Fall 2019 prioritization cycle opened on Monday, September 16, and closed at 5:00 pm on Monday, September 30. Check out the entire prioritization calendar here.

The move towards alignment with IAPB also means the President's Administrative Team Preview step is being replaced by Previews at the Department/MBU level between 10/1 - 10/31 and the Division level between 11/1 - 11/30.  The ITS project prioritization process will eventually become part of the overall IAPB process. 

Check out the last prioritization results.

Due to the COVID pandemic which required the ITS department to quickly pivot away from normal activities to support the university, additional projects, and non-project work were assigned to the ITS Project Office (PO) staff decreasing any available work hours resulting in no prioritization cycle during the fall of 2020. The next opportunity for the ITS PO team to support a prioritization cycle will be during the 2021 summer term. 

Project Prioritization Steering Committee

Current Project Prioritization Steering Committee members are:

  • Bethany Rizzardi, CIO
  • TBD, Academic Affairs Division
  • Elizabeth Whitchurch, Facilities Special Projects Coordinator, Administrative Affairs Division
  • Peggy Metzger, Financial Aid Office Director, Enrollment Management Division
  • TBD, University Advancement
  • Jim Graham, Assistant Professor, Geospatial Science