Becoming an Official Website Developer

If you are responsible for developing an official Humboldt website, you'll get started by:

  1. Agree to Humboldt’s accessibility guidelines 
  2. Be assigned as a developer by the site owner 

Note: If you are a contractor and do not have an Humboldt User Name and Password, the site owner will need to request an account for you. To do this, they complete the Account Request Form, selecting "University Contractor" as the account type.

1. Agree to Humboldt’s Accessibility Guidelines 

To ensure all official Humboldt websites meet accessibility guidelines, all developers must agree to follow accessibility guidelines before being granted permission to develop sites on Humboldt platforms. All CSU programs, services (including websites), and activities must be accessible to all students, staff, faculty and the general public.

You’ll receive an email letting you know when the approval process is complete.

2.  Be Assigned as a Developer by the Site Owner

Contact the site owner and request that they grant you permissions on the site.