Official Sites

Official HSU websites are any sites used to deliver public information about University departments, units, clubs, associations, functions, programs, courses, or curricula. This does not include personal web pages set up by HSU students, faculty, or staff.

Humboldt State University organizations, departments, courses and centers of research may set up official HSU websites,  request space on HSU-managed servers, and utilize HSU platforms to maintain those sites.

BE AWARE: Any site owned and managed by an HSU entity is subject to the requirements of official sites, even if that site is not on HSU-managed servers or not built using HSU platforms. This means those sites must meet the HSU accessibility guidelines as well as basic design requirements as described in the HSU Web Guide.

OpenHSU web platform

OpenHSU is a flexible, user-friendly platform for building and managing official HSU websites. OpenHSU uses the Drupal content management system, which allows users to easily build and update websites in a web browser and provides the HSU look-and-feel.

OpenHSU features:

  • Responsive and accessible, so it works well on phones, tablets, and desktop computers

  • A robust set of tools that cover typical site-building needs

  • Central maintenance by ITS and Marketing & Communications

  • Predefined page types for standard content like news, events, and people

  • Flexible layouts that allow for creative content presentation

Creating an Official Site 

Are you creating an official website at HSU? After you have agreed to the campus accessibility guidelines and requested an official site, get started with OpenHSU.

Get Started with OpenHSU

Request an OpenHSU site by filling out the request form. We’ll get your basic site shell set up and show you how to use it. Once you have all of your content ready to go, we can help you “go live” and redirect traffic from your old site.

Read HSU's OpenHSU User Guide.

You’ll find that the features and flexibility of OpenHSU will meet most needs for most web sites. Using the OpenHSU theme will give you lots of options, while also helping you stay within University brand guidelines, maintain consistency with the University home page, and keep your site secure and up-to-date.

If you run into problems, please submit a ticket to

Don't forget - you are responsible for updating content on your website and using the HSU provided themes and guidelines for public websites.